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How to measure for a new cover for your spa.
How to measure a radius corner
How to measure skirt length
We also need to know what length of skirt you need around the edge. Standard skirts are 4" inches unless you need more or less.
You will need two rulers or yard sticks (a framing square is a great tool to use). Place them at a 90 degree angle on the outside edge of the corner with the "0's" together. You will measure from the 0" mark to the breaking point "where the corner starts to curve".

From the 0" mark to the breaking point is the size of your corner radius.
In order to get the right size cover for your spa you need to measure the length, width (the distance of the seam), the radius of the corners, the height of the spa lip or flap, and the color.

For this particular shape we will require all of the measurements shown.
Measure the outside edges of the spa shell.

A: Width or Hinge Length - distance from one side of the seam to the other.

B: Length - distance from one side of the spa to the other.

It is better to be slightly too big than too small.
To protect and prolong the life of your Spa Seal Cover clean the cover regularly. Use a mild soap and water to wash the vinyl. Do not use petroleum-based products such as Armor All on the vinyl. Non-petroleum based vinyl care products can be applied to the cover such as 303 Fabric Guard with UV inhibitors.

Do not allow snow or ice to accumulate on the cover. Gently sweep snow and ice away. Lifting the cover with snow or ice on top can cause the foam core to break. The cover is not designed to withstand excessive weight. Do not walk, sit, stand, lay, crawl, or apply any weight to the cover. Breakage of the foam core or cross bars is not covered by warranty.
Care Instructions